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Sunday, December 20, 2015

What makes Adventure Maximum different?

 In this blog post we will discuss what makes AM different from so many games out there.

First and foremost AM is not another game setting. It is my personal belief there are more than enough settings and game worlds already on the market. In fact there is too much content and not enough real play ability. Let's face it, how many times have you bought a rule book only to find the game system sucked? The publisher did a good job of enticing you to purchase the book by using slick art and glossy pages. The world setting was imaginative and you couldn't wait to jump right in and start playingbut you quickly find there is just one drawback. The world setting is tethered to a set of crappy mechanics making the game itself virtually unplayable. I can think of several big time games in the past suffering from this affliction. This is where Adventure Maximum comes in. It is designed from the ground up to be a set of common sense rules that are versatile and easily adaptable to any game setting. You plug AM into those worlds and make them playable or create your own. What's more, it does it all using a single D10!

The core rule book is near completion and will cover these aspects in the rules:

Comprehensive Character Creation: the core rules cover the creation of all basic adventuring characters of various tech levels from primitive to far future. It is handled in easy to learn steps and when completed you will have a fully detailed character complete with attitudes, personality traits, disadvantages, special abilities, etc.

Comprehensive Skill List: There are over 100+ skills described in the game and cover the entire gamut of man's technology levels. 

Simple Mechanics: No need to own dozens of dice to play. The system runs on a single D10 to determine the success of any action in the game. 

Exciting Combat: Combat in Adventure Maximum is second to none. It has all the detail of the most intricate game systems, but with none of the complexity that bogs the game down. Each character is armed with an arsenal of attack and defense maneuvers such as Parry, Slash, Impale, Death Blow, etc. All aspects of personal combat is covered including martial arts, melee, ranged weapons, and vehicles. There are no Hit Points! Every combatant has 10 Trauma levels until death. It's not the amount of hit points which keeps your character alive in combat, it is a combination of skill, strategy, and luck.
Weapons and Equipment: The rulebook has stats on tons of melee weapons, range weapons, pistols, assault weapons, rifles, shotguns, and launchers. There are rules for custom building your own armor and vehicles. All manner of technology is covered and rules are provided to convert the weapons from other game systems into AM.

Innovative Role Playing: AM encourages excellent role playing by its players and rewards them with something called Luck Points when they do so. These Luck Points are used to give the character a much needed edge in the game when surviving combat damage or giving a Skill Rank a boost. There is a saying in AM that becomes readily apparent to those who play the game: "Earn to Burn."

Innovative Campaign Play: Just like no hit points, AM doesn't use experience points either. The system for improving in the game is very simple. The player keeps track of the number of games his or her character is played. Every 5 games the character gets to improve. It's that simple. The system encourages players attendance as they can easily keep track of their character improvement. 

This is just some of the features covered in the core rulebook. Feel free to join the Adventure Maximum Facebook Page to learn more. The link is listed below. Also give this blog a follow as more aspects to these exciting rules will be covered in the future.

The Adventure Maximum Facebook Page

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